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Industrial pumping optimization

Pumping station energy optimization

Customized solutions for a pump or pumping station’s own energy consumption. No limits to the number of pumps or measured signals.


          • Visualize your pumping energy consumption.
          • Enable continuous improvement activities to achieve pump Best Efficiency Point (BEP).
          • Optimize the operational and maintenance.
          • Extremely cost efficient and easy to use.

Customer says

“The balance between the drinking water quality and the production volume is a highly important and sensitive topic.
Based on this monitoring, we can now adjust the speed of the pumps and find the most energy-efficient operating range.”

Kymenlaakson Vesi – RO plant operator

1. Define the goal

Is your goal to optimize energy consumption, to optimize maintenance of RO plant membranes, define heat exchanger cleaning timings or some other?

2. Signals and data capture

Easy, secure, fast and very cost effective implementation.

Standardized solution data offer – data collection as 4… 20mA in signals from variable speed drives, flowmeters and pressure sensors.

No requirements for an automation system modification. Integration is optional and also possible to be done at a later.


3. Visualization

Pump and pumping station’s own energy consumption, power and flow in a very straight forward time series visualization.

Customization of views and integrations to other systems are available on request.

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