Pumping station
Smart View

Fixed asset monitoring

Pumps, valve and tank level monitoring

Cost effective remote monitoring for common pumping stations working with level control. Usual setup of the station is one or two stand alone pumps, tank level and a back pressure valve.


          • Easy installation and configuration in minutes.
          • No special training or expertise required.
          • Minimized overall life cost of monitoring.

Pump Digital Twin

for submersible and non-submersible pumps

Our unique motor current base monitoring, does not require any sensor installation to the pump itself. The field device is mounted inside the electrical cabinet.

Customer says

“One of the greatest benefits of the system is that we are getting alerts quickly and without delay.
The problems at the pumping stations can now be taken care of and repaired quickly.
On a number of occasions, the system has warned us about upcoming problems in advance.”

Lumijoen Vesi – Waste water transfer line operator

1. Data capture and storage

Easy and cost effective data capture. Optimized field device VT-03 installation and commissioning does not require any special training. 

2. Visualization and alarms

Fleet and pumping stations can be viewed and monitored perfectly on mobile phones and laptops.

3. Condition and flow

Maintenance and operation of pumping stations can be optimized based on their specific condition, pumping efficiency and flow indicators. 

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