Pumping station
Smart View

Fixed asset monitoring

Easy and cost efficient solutions for pumping stations with a tank and a wide area scattered fleet installations. These are typical examples in waste water networks, transportation infrastructure pumping and residential applications.

Industrial pumping optimization

Pump specific energy consumption for multi-pump operations to optimize water treatment, food and beverage plants as well as process industry pumping.

Rental fleet monitoring solutions

Specific solutions to keep track of moving equipment fleet usage, condition and locations. 

Continuous pump energy audit

Light weight transportable brief case kit for easy data capture for pump productivity analytics and energy consumption analysis. Real measured data forms a solid base for optimization solution proposals and ROI calculations.

Customized solutions

We offer customized analytics, visualization and integration to other data sources and systems.

White label and embedded analytics

License our analytics modules or go for digitalized solution that you can sell under your own brand.

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