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Kymenlaakson Vesi RO plant
Energy efficiency and operational optimization

The balance between drinking water quality and production volume
is a sensitive topic for Kymenlaakson Vesi.

Viimatech’s Digital technology monitors 8 pumps and enables adjusting the speed to find the most energy efficient operating range.
The customer further uses this information for optimizing the plant filter maintenance.

Lumijoen Vesi pumping stations
Condition monitoring

Lumijoen Vesi has an aging water network infrastructure.
Viimatech’s Digital technology based Flowdicator solution is used to modernize monitoring¬† systems.

The results are convincing with predictability, alarm reliability
and flexibility of remote monitoring from anywhere.

 Continuous energy audit enabled by digitalized pump model

An example case of an energy audit in a pulp & paper factory.
Accurate identification of energy saving potential with real measured data.

Flowplus Oy maintenance operation digitalization
FLOWDICATOR pumping station monitoring

Flowdicator monitoring system is based on Viimatech’s Digital technology provides a flexible solution for real-time monitoring of processes of all sizes.
The system is well suited for mines, paper industry, water plants and other process industries.

The Flowdicator system is optimized especially for the needs of pumps and pumping stations. The system’s modern data capture equipment, enables a cost-effective and comprehensive data transfer in addition to the practical system analysis.

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