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Pumping Station Smart View

Our offering is based on the lowest barrier digitalization
for pumping stations.

Unique motor current based analytics enables easy,
cost effective data capture and analytics.

Our solutions focuses on energy efficiency,
predictive maintenance and operation optimization.

Customer says

“The balance between drinking water quality and the production volume, is a highly important and sensitive topic. Based on the monitoring, we can now adjust the speed of the pumps and find the most energy-efficient operating range.”

Kymenlaakson Vesi – RO plant operator

Customer says

Mounting and startup was a true “plug-and-play” experience. Since then, Viimatech’s system is working flawlessly. For us, it is important to make sure the pump operates well 24/7 – Viimatech’s system provides us with the required monitoring capabilities.

Savonia University of Applied Sciences – research center

Customer says

“One of the greatest benefits of the system is that we are now getting alerts quickly and without a delay. The problems at the pumping stations can now be taken care and repaired quickly. On a number of occasions, the system has warned us about upcoming problems in advance.”

Lumijoen Vesi – Waste water transfer line operator

Customer says

“An easy and a quick start for monitoring. Cost effective way to do a continuous energy appraisal for a pump installation”

Major motors and variable speed drives service provider

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